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Many studies have been done that focus on the benefits of teaching different languages to children at young ages. Knowing more than one language not only helps with job opportunities in your child’s future, but it helps to develop their brains as well. While most people immediately think of teaching a foreign language to their child after they begin speaking, many don’t consider teaching American Sign Language to their child before verbal communication even starts.

Parents of infants and young toddlers all know the struggle of communicating with their children. It’s a hopeless feeling trying to just guess what a crying baby wants, and often parents just wish their child was able to tell them. The idea of communicating directly with a child before they learn to speak may seem farfetched, but it’s possible with the use of sign language! When a baby knows how to sign to their parents what they want, the time spent fussing and crying is significantly decreased.

Teaching very young children how to communicate with sign language not only gives them an easy way to communicate with their parents, it also helps develop their cognitive functions. Studies have shown that children who learned sign language as babies have larger speaking vocabularies and often start reading earlier than other children. On top of those benefits, parents also experience less stress and can develop even closer bonds with their babies by utilizing sign language to communicate.

Here at Klondike Academy, we teach sign language to our youngest students so that every child is able to communicate their needs. It is also our goal to expand and grow the minds of our students to help them be successful adults in the future. What better way to start than by developing your child’s communication skills?

Our waiting list for the infant room has just opened! Many of our current infant aged students have transitioned out of the infant room and into the STEM-focused preschool. So, there are several spots open now for your little bundles of joy at this awesome daycare.