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The Perfect Blend of Fun and education

The Klondike Leadership Academy Virtual STEAM Club aims to spark your child’s excitement in SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ART, and MATH!

Our virtual camp allows kids ages 4-13 to explore, create, and experiment with projects and activities centered around STEAM careers. 

Students will carry out experiments, create artistic masterpieces, engage in team activities,  learn new technologies, and see how art and science work in the real world.

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The KLA Virtual STEAM Club will focus on activities in the following STEAM careers:

Students will be provided weekly photo challenges and will be introduced to the app, Adobe Lightroom.
Students will learn new recipes and cooking techniques and will be given weekly cooking challenges centering around National Days.
Students will receive introductory information about branding, learn how to start their own podcast and YouTube channel, learn how to stage photos, and collaborate with Texarkana FYI to push the communities to their platform.
Students will learn how to gather information for stories, write their own stories regarding one of the influencer students for Texarkana FYI, and learn how to come up with newsworthy stories.
Students will participate in many projects such as building an egg drop, a marble maze, a bird feeder, and more. They will also learn how to design their own blueprints and how math is incorporated into successful building projects.
Students will learn what programs and resources are best used to learn different coding languages. They will learn how to build basic games or activities to be shared with the other students.
Students will conduct science projects utilizing simple household products and learn safety precautions to keep them safe while doing experiments. They will record themselves doing their projects to share with other students.
Students will complete various engineering activities such as a rubber band driven popsicle stick project, and they will learn how to create their own volcanoes. Students will also be introduced to other programs and softwares that will be beneficial to their further learning.
Students will complete weekly math craft challenges and statistics games. They will hone their problem-solving skills and learn how to complete simple accounting processes.
Interior Designer
Students will hone their problem-solving skills by participating in weekly statistics games.
Students will learn how to make safety preparedness kits and will learn home tornado drills and preparedness activities. They will also watch behind the scenes videos about meteorologists and storm chasing vehicles.
Students will watch videos of zoologists and veterinarians performing their duties. They will have weekly challenges to research different animals, learn about the habitats of different animals, and make their own outside habitat for garden insects.
Students will learn how to pinpoint stars and constellations in their own backyard and will watch videos regarding space and astronauts.
Students will learn about different types of doctors, how to properly wash their hands, how to treat wounds properly, and will participate in many other fun activities regarding health and safety!
Graphic Designer
Students will learn the “why” behind design and how to put graphics together. They will utilize programs such as Canva and Be Funky to assist in learning.
Forensic Expert
Students will provide parents with information on setting up their own scavenger hunt. They will also participate in an invisible ink project and a crime scene writing prompt activity.
Animation Designer
Students will learn how to storyboard by drawing out ideas and creating a storyline. They will design a flip book and create their own stop motion animations.
Fashion Designer
Students will complete silhouettes of a dress or shirt of their own design, learn how to turn their drawings into a vector image to be used as a t-shirt design, and learn simple sewing techniques.

Virtual STEAM Club Registration

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We are looking for fun, creative, and professional team members! If you have a knack for children and creative instruction, take a look at our careers page for open positions!