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Is it homework time and you feel like WWIII has just started in your household? Sometimes your child may need that extra boost in a subject to help them excel, but you just can’t find the right tutor to help them out. Well, if you live in the Texarkana area I know a few fantastic tutors that can help your child in any subject they need!

• Lil’ Tykes
14 different tutors to choose from!
Tutors all subjects Pre K and up
$40 per hour for 3rd grade and up $35 per 30 minutes for Pre K- 2 (These grades cost a little more because the tutors have loads of awesome activities to keep the children interested, which isn’t too easy to do with kids that age.) Prices can be negotiable for parents with more than one child attending.
They have locations in Texarkana and Hope, AR and they’re looking to expand to Mt. Pleasant, TX!

• Andrea Smith
Tutors in all subjects from Pre-K to 5th grade

• Kayla Washington
Tutors grades 4-6 Math and 4-8 Science
$30 per hour

• Laronda Bailey
Tutors grades K-12 and College Level in English (Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Punctuation)
$25 per hour

If you are just needing for some great resources to boost their brains and tutoring is more than what you need, I know of a great website that can help your child in just about any subject. My own daughter uses this site and it has worked wonders with her!

Essential Skills Advantage
Has sessions for grades K-6 in most subjects
$7.99 a month for a single child and $12.99 a month for 2 to 10 children

It’s super inexpensive and the activities are fun and colorful to keep your child interested! Kiddos can do the activities themselves once you log them in and you can check up on their progress as they go. The lessons don’t take very long, and fun music and effects play whenever an activity is completed so that kids feel like they accomplished something great when they finish. This program has really helped Ally out, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone .