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In my life, I have lots of and names and roles. Mommy, Wife, Director of Marketing, and that’s just to name a few. In my busy schedule I realize that sometimes I rarely have time to just sit and relax and enjoy just being Angela. While yes, the roles I play in life are extremely important, it is just as important that I take time to just be myself and not have to worry about fulfilling the duties attached to my roles. I love my daughter, my husband, and my job but sometimes doing all the things I have to do for everyone else I can forget to take care of myself and that just leaves me drained without the energy to do anything else.

It may feel like an awful thing to say, but every mommy needs a little time away from her children. Saying that doesn’t mean you love them any less. Mommies are superheroes, but they are still human, and humans need breaks. It doesn’t even have to be a long break. You could just go out and do some shopping for yourself or just go to the gym. But if you need a longer break, there’s no shame in that either! Take a trip with your girlfriends, or go treat yourself to a spa day. Do whatever it takes to relax and get back in touch with yourself.  

Sometimes I think of myself like I’m a battery. I start off the day fully charged, but by the end of the day I’m drained from all of the things I do at work. I get home and I’m tired and then devote the rest of my energy to the people that are most important to me— my family. I go to sleep and then the cycle repeats. But my battery doesn’t charge completely at the end of each day, so I go through each day with less and less energy until finally I’m just a dead woman walking. I like to think that taking time for myself is what helps me to reach my full charge again. I’m a busy woman, so I don’t always have a lot of time to do this, but I try to find time. I go get lunch and find a nice quiet place where I can sit alone and relax, recharge, and enjoy myself. This helps me to feel refreshed and gives me that extra push I sometimes need to finish my day.

Don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself. It makes you happier and healthier. The happier you are, the easier you are for other people to be around. Let’s face, just about everyone gets a little grouchy when they’re tired and need a break. Having a better mindset is a huge benefit to your family, too. You can take better care of your kiddos when you’re feeling better and relaxed. Taking time for yourself also helps you to step back, take a breath, and refocus. You can see everything that is important to you, and you can remember why it is all important to you in the first place.

KA is offering a Parents Night Out tomorrow, January 19, so if you were looking for the right time to take some “me time” there it is. So go out there and relax! Take a “mommy day” and come back even better than ever.