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Personalized Letter From Santa!

Klondike & Santa have teamed up to reach out to your children to make their holiday unforgettable!

Make This Christmas unforgettable

How cool would it be to get your child their very own personalized letter from Santa Claus?

Luckily for you, our lovable friend Klondike the Polar Bear was best friends with Santa when he lived up at the North Pole!

Since they’re best pals, Klondike was able to get Santa to take some time out of his busy schedule to personally answer some letters from Klondike’s other friends.

Just follow the steps below and your child can receive their very own letter from Santa Claus!

How It Works

Step 1

Print the Dear Santa letter form at the bottom of this page and fill it out with your child.

Step 2

Take a picture of your questionnaire and send it to

Step 3

Pay the $5 paypal invoice we will send to you to help cover postage, and a little extra to help out Klondike’s daycare service Klondike Academy.

Now, just leave the rest to us! The North Pole is really far away, so get all of this sent to us by December 5th so we can make sure your child gets their letter in the mail before Christmas!



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