Road Trip Survival Tips

Have you ever wanted to take a long road trip but thought it would be torture? Well, my family and I took a road trip to California and it was great! My daughter got to visit four new states in just seven days. She got to see desert, mountains, and... lots of rest...

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Some Fun for the Fourth!

Looking for some fun things to do with the family tomorrow to celebrate Independence Day? There are plenty of things to do here in Texarkana and in our surrounding communities. Why don’t you check them out? Lighting Up the Village This one’s close to home! Go out to...

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You Need a #MomNite

As moms, it’s easy to have our lives revolve around our family and to lose ourselves in our day-to-day routine. I often feel as if MOM stands for Maker of Memories. We spend so much time making life fun and easy for the family that we push our own interests and...

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Time For Me, Myself, and I

In my life, I have lots of and names and roles. Mommy, Wife, Director of Marketing, and that’s just to name a few. In my busy schedule I realize that sometimes I rarely have time to just sit and relax and enjoy just being Angela. While yes, the roles I play in life...

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Tutor Me This

Is it homework time and you feel like WWIII has just started in your household? Sometimes your child may need that extra boost in a subject to help them excel, but you just can’t find the right tutor to help them out. Well, if you live in the Texarkana area I know a...

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Thanks, Pumpkin!

Many of us probably have fond memories of Halloween that involve sitting out on the porch with our families, shivering against the October chill, as we carved silly faces into pumpkins. Scooping out the stringy insides of the pumpkins with our hands, getting all slimy...

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KA Costume Contest Extravaganza!

Looking for something fun and safe for your family to do this Halloween? Klondike Academy will be hosting a costume contest with $100 cash prizes for each category at Central Mall on October 28, 2017. Do you know someone whose child is not a KA Kid but you know they’d...

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Making Homework FUN

As parents, we know homework is a top priority. Our kids? Not so much. If your child has never stomped their feet all the way to dinner table complaining about practicing their sight words or their 10-question math sheet, you have no idea how good you’ve got it. So, unless you’re raising a mini Doogie Howser, I’ve compiled a few simple learning activities to spur your child’s interest in the wild world of homework.

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Out of This World!

This month at Klondike Academy, all the tiny tots are learning about outer space. We're talking spaceships, stars, planets, the sun, the moon, shooting stars, meteors, and more! In honor of this theme, we've got a great family-fun project for you: Galaxy Playdough!...

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A Safe Place to Haunt

Every year, I struggle to find something safe and fun for my daughter to do on Halloween. Often, she wants to go trick-or-treating, but that can dangerous. There’s always the option of going to trunk-or-treats hosted by local churches, but they’re usually overcrowded and filled with members of that church, leaving anyone else feeling a little out of place. Or, they’re held several days before Halloween, leaving kids still wanting to go out trick or treating when the day rolls around.

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