Summer Workshops Galore!

Ring the bells and shout hallelujah because it’s summertime! While that may not mean much for us working adults, it does mean a whole lot for children. What are they going to do all summer? There’s so much time to fill and so many fun things to do! While that may be...

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Summer Workshops at the Learning Center!

Don’t need an all-day camp but want something for the kiddos to do this summer? Keep their minds busy and active by signing them up for one (or several) of the Summer Workshops at the Learning Center at Klondike Academy. These workshops are jam-packed with fun and...

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Klondike Summer Leadership Camp

Clear your kiddos’ schedules this summer for the Klondike Summer Leadership Camp! Starting May 28, Klondike Academy has an amazing 12-week summer program prepped and ready to go when this school season ends. There will be swim lessons, field trips, science...

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We Offer Tutoring!

Does your kiddo need help or a little extra boost in school? Don’t panic! Klondike Academy is here for them! No matter what your student may need help in, we have classes for them. From math help to help in English, we've got something for every child. Every parent...

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Your One Stop Birthday Shop!

I know how hard it can be to hold the perfect birthday party. As a working mom, I’m always busy trying to balance work and my home life, but I never want to neglect my baby’s special day. That’s why I came up with this great idea… Klondike Academy is now offering some...

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Come Join Us at Wonka Fest!

We will be hosting a scrumdiddlyumptious Willy Wonka themed fall festival, WonkaFest, Saturday, October 27 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at The Sportsplex!  WonkaFest is a free event the whole family will enjoy. There will be several fun activities for everyone to...

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A Berry Fun Trip: Panola Orchard & Garden

What’s a better place to go to to pick berries than a place called De Berry, Texas? Cute, right? De Berry is home to an amazing orchard called Panola Orchard & Garden. Going here with Ally was such a great experience. It was a fun and educational trip, and we were...

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Top Ten Must-Have Mommy Apps

If you’re like millions of other moms, your cellphone is attached to you like its one of your organs. Don’t feel guilty If you’ve ever been seconds from your destination, realized you don’t have your phone, and had to turn the car around to get it. I have been guilty myself. Our phones are our life lines, and since we have them with us all the time anyway, why not utilize our cellphones to increase our mommy powers. Below are my list of the top 10 apps every mom should have. Trust me, it’s going to be life-changing.

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Gators & Friends Trip

So, for our next trip, I decided that Ally and I needed to do something totally different than our normal girly outings.  I was watching the news one night and a commercial for a place called Gators & Friends came on. The light bulb in my head lit up. Let's go...

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Road Trip Survival Tips

Have you ever wanted to take a long road trip but thought it would be torture? Well, my family and I took a road trip to California and it was great! My daughter got to visit four new states in just seven days. She got to see desert, mountains, and... lots of rest...

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