A Party Package for
Party Animals!

ONLY $350!


A Party Meal & Dessert

All parties come with pizza or sandwiches paired with water or punch! After their meal, kiddos will be able to enjoy some delicious cupcakes. If you choose to allot time to opening presents, we will even help you keep records of them!

Venue Space

Exclusive venue space for 2 hours at Klondike Academy, a central Texarkana location.

A Themed Activity

Depending on the theme you choose for your child’s party, we will provide a unique party activity for your guests!

Themed Custom Invitations

You don’t have to worry about invitations! We just need to know which theme you would like and some basic information about the party, and you’re all set!

Peace Of Mind

Set up and tear town will be handled by the party host we will provide, so you don’t have to worry about a thing! We’ve got it all covered so you can remember your child’s special day as fondly as they will without any stress.


It’s Tea Time

Party for 12 Children

Customizable Invitations

Princess Dress-Up Time

Decorations, Food, & Cupcakes

Color Me Crazy

Party for 12 Children

Customizable Invitations

Crayon Melt, Coloring, & Painting

Decorations, Food, & Cupcakes

Mad Scientist

Party for 12 Children

Customizable Invitations

Science Experiments

Decorations, Food, & Cupcakes

Dare To Dance

Party for 12 Children

Customizable Invitations

Dance Themed Activity

Decorations, Food, & Cupcakes

Upgrade to a custom cake and include party favors for an additional fee.

Let Us Plan The Party!

Don’t stress over the small stuff, we’ve got your back mom and dad. Now, Klondike Academy is offering fully planned birthday parties for up to 12 children for only $350! Snag the date for your party today!

Which Party Are You Interested In?

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We are looking for fun, creative, and professional team members! If you have a knack for children and creative instruction, apply for a position on our team today! We also offer part-time positions!