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What’s a better place to go to to pick berries than a place called De Berry, Texas? Cute, right?

De Berry is home to an amazing orchard called Panola Orchard & Garden. Going here with Ally was such a great experience. It was a fun and educational trip, and we were able to leave with some delicious fruit that Ally picked herself!

Panola Orchard & Gardens is home to sprawling peach and plum orchards, as well as fields filled with all kinds of berry bushes ranging from blueberries, to blackberries, to strawberries. Sadly, they were out of strawberries when we got there, but Ally still got to go out and pick her own blueberries and blackberries. She learned a lot while she was out there about different types of berry bushes and how some blackberry bushes have thorns while others do not. Needless to say, we tried to pick our blackberries from the thorn-less variety.

While we went through the fields, we were also told that the bushes are watered by irrigation from a nearby lake instead of from city water reservoirs. You could even see the lake in some parts of the orchard and berry fields. It was so beautiful. Everything was so colorful. One of my favorite things was to look at the berry bushes to see the different stages of ripening that each berry was in. They created bundles of different colors. The blueberries were my favorite.

When we were finished out in the fields, Ally had the chance to go take a tour of the factory where Panola Orchard & Garden packs their fruit. We found out while we were there that they are one of the main sources of blueberries for H-E-B grocery stores. How awesome is that?



We grabbed some lunch here at the orchard too, treating ourselves to some homemade vanilla and peach ice cream. It was AMAZING! It was the best way to take some of the punch out of the heat. On our way out, we stopped by the Farm Store and got to see all of the different fruit and products the orchard had to offer. There were so many different types
of jams, preserves, and jellies that I was almost overwhelmed! Ally and I grabbed a few to take home with us, and let me tell you, are they delicious! They taste so much better than the kinds you just buy at a grocery store.

I would definitely recommend going out to Panola Orchard and Garden to anyone looking for an outdoorsy retreat for them and their kiddos. It’s a good way to teach them where the fruit they eat at the grocery store comes from, and you get to leave with some delicious souvenirs!


Go have fun out there, and see you next week with our latest adventure!

Angela Evans